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₹6,552.00 Ex Tax: ₹6,552.00

This four sided console table with iron on sides is fully made of wooden and iron material. The metal sides is fully free of rust and stain and as well it is beautifully decorated with the carving work from both the sides. This console table is a complete freeware for being put in any side of your home. It is also cleanable by using the wet cloth. ..


₹2,975.00 Ex Tax: ₹2,975.00

This side table is completely made of wooden material. It is small in size especially designed for your bedroom or drawing room. They are well renowned to add accent to your living room. uses and precautions - This side table is very useful not only to provide a new look, beauty to your room but also to add utility to your home decor. Photo frames..


₹5,808.00 Ex Tax: ₹5,808.00

This side table with in set of 2 pieces is made of solid wood material and also available in different sizes and varieties. They are durable and long time functional. They are the eye - twinkling piece of your home decor because of their round and half round wooden tops. uses and precautions - This side table is fully capable to consume your the pr..


₹1,851.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,851.00

This side table is made from only wooden material. The upper part is round and the remaining bottom part is standing from its one base leg. This table can be placed in any of the room near your plasma TV and sofa or couch.uses and precautions - This table generally gives you services for putting the small tidbits and provides an ethnic look to your..


₹3,650.00 Ex Tax: ₹3,650.00

This sturdy heavyweight side table attached with magazine holder is completely made from the wooden stuff. Magazine holder is also attached beneath to the table which is open ended in nature. It is available in different shapes and sizes at Indian Crafts. uses and precautions - This side table is useful for the big living room or area of your house..


₹2,245.00 Ex Tax: ₹2,245.00

This side table is made from the alloy metal and marble stuff. The marble stuff is light pink with white stripes and the remaining metal part is well coated. It you want your room or drawing area free from clutter then this table is a best option is for you.uses and precautions -  The marble top is smaller in size so it is generally used to pu..

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