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₹1,546.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,546.00

All type of candle stands are available for holding the candles. All type of sizes, varieties and designs are available according to your requirement.  ..


₹1,546.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,546.00

This candle stand with three holders is a must have thing in your home decor. It prevents flowing wax from candles to all over the place but it is also a beautiful home decor accessory in itself. This is an aesthetic piece for your living room in appropriate size and shape. There are many shapes of candle stand available but the best is the one who..


₹1,167.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,167.00

Purchase candle stand from Indian Crafts to hold the candles and to give a new luxurious look to your furniture and home decor...


₹566.00 Ex Tax: ₹566.00

What can be the most memorable and recommendable gift item than a father with 3 hooks for your father on his birthday or father’s day ? This is a complete wooden item which can be fixed on the wall of your father’s room. The hook piece is made of strong and free of rust iron and is a perfect item. It is a perfect item made from the carved mango woo..


₹736.00 Ex Tax: ₹736.00

This fish collectable item is adjusted to stand on two metal rods and it is also made up of brass material. As per according to Chinese fengshui, it is considered auspicious to keep fishes in any form in house because of bringing prosperity and good fortune. This collectable item is self sufficient to attract anyone’s eyeballs in just a glimpse. It..


₹569.00 Ex Tax: ₹569.00

This collectable item of happy with 3 hooks is made with light colour maple wood. It is small in size so it is so space saving. It has no fear of rusting in hooks and it also suits the complete interior of your room. And yes, It also gives the message to always be happy in every circumstances, so auspicious for your home. It is a complete hanging a..


₹446.00 Ex Tax: ₹446.00

This collectable item is made written in home. As per according to chinese fengshui, this type of items bring auspiciousness and happiness to your home because it is a symbol of a complete family. It is suitable for every type of building, apartments, flats and compartments. It can be placed in anywhere of your home - bedroom, drawing room, dining ..


₹440.00 Ex Tax: ₹440.00

This collectable item is made with home shape alphabets but has 3 hooks attached with it. This item is placeable on any wall of your home and  it is durable and long lasting. This item is a hanging accessory for shirts, jackets, coats, sweaters, bags etc and it also reduces scratching or plucking your clothes. The hooks are very well varnished..


₹422.00 Ex Tax: ₹422.00

Joy collectable is an ethnic collectable item which is made from metal stuff. Its shining material can easily attract the eyeball towards itself just in an instance. Just to invest on toys and other decorative accessories, it is good for any individual to invest on the joy collectables because they are much affordable but more valuable than any oth..


₹450.00 Ex Tax: ₹450.00

This collectable item is useful at the room of newly wedded couples at your room. This collectable item is the symbol of love and affection. It is made with maple wood varnished with yellow colour. It can be placed at any wall of your room. At Indian Crafts, it is available in different prices and variations. It is durable, long functional and unbr..


₹400.00 Ex Tax: ₹400.00

This collectable item is unbreakable, durable and long time functional. It is placeable on anywhere on walls of your home. This is the symbol of complete family and is a symbol of the auspiciousness. Its hooks are completely made of stainless iron which prevent your clothes and other stuff from breaking or plucking. It is available in different sha..


₹986.00 Ex Tax: ₹986.00

This painted horse is the collectable for those which have the passion about the creativity and quality. These type of crafts are more popular in USA. These painted horses are the perfect combination of the philanthropy, creativity and fine art. This painted horse is made from the metal stuff of brass which is made to add the beauty and elegance to..

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