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₹1,167.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,167.00

Purchase candle stand from Indian Crafts to hold the candles and to give a new luxurious look to your furniture and home decor...


₹1,546.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,546.00

This candle stand with three holders is a must have thing in your home decor. It prevents flowing wax from candles to all over the place but it is also a beautiful home decor accessory in itself. This is an aesthetic piece for your living room in appropriate size and shape. There are many shapes of candle stand available but the best is the one who..


₹852.00 Ex Tax: ₹852.00

Candle stand or candle holders are the best equipment for the reflection of the light in your complete home. The biggest benefit of having the candle stand at your drawing room or anywhere in your home is that it stops the dropping of wax everywhere in your home. Candle stands are generally a must have for the home these days. There are many candle..

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